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tattoo artist guest spots, email portfolio below

Thank you for selecting the collective 716 for your next tattoo experience. Down below is the form that is to be completed in detail to be tattooed. 

If your tattoo is selected, nico ,the studio/gallery manager, will book an in studio consult with Johnny. (out of town clients, a zoom call can be arranged for consults). If your tattoo does not fit the artistic criteria, we will refer another studio. ( We care about your next tattoo even if it doesn't fit the studios criteria). 

your tattoo appointment(s) will be booked during your consult and will require a $100 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be put towards the final price of the tattoo.

 Not only do we want to provide the best tattoos at the collective 716 but we want to provide the best tattoo experience. This is maintained  through this process to ensure every tattoo being created in the studio is executed with the upmost care and precision. 
* With that being said, all coverups or re-works of other artists work will not be considered at this time. 
*If inquiry form is not fully completed, your request will not be considered. take your tattoo as seriously as we do!


Tattoo inquiry form:
tattoo reference photo
tattoo reference photo

Thanks for submitting!